Monday, July 16, 2007

Do you love her!!

Here is a little peak from some of our good friends... Jackson sure has a lot of girlfriends these days!! And they are all just too cute!! It was so great to finally see you guys -- we have to get the kids together more for sure... Here is a little sample of the shots... Hope you like them! :)

Is that face just the cutest!! Gotta love swings.. every kid does!

How cute is this little family :) I love her litte piggie tails!!

love how daddys looking at her telling him allllll about the flowers! too cute :)

loves her music .. just like her daddy!.. too cute Ms. S!

So hard to pick just a few... there are so many cute ones! Can't wait for you to see them! we'll be in touch..

Thanks again for everything - Dinner was amazing! Hope to see you guys again soon!!

Love you guys.. xoxo


Sunday, July 15, 2007

Slackin' I know..

Yes, I know.. but it isn't SLACKIN'! its BUSY BUSY!!!!

I'll spare you the talk, here's a sneak peak for some of our good friends :)

It's always a toss up - Do I show parents my favorites or save the favorites for their gallery? hmm Couldn't decide especially when there are too many that i love!!..

I went with these four favorites... hopefully they are favorites of yours too you guys!! :)

I'll let you know AS SOON AS your gallery is up - I promise!!!!

Thanks for being ready to rock and roll as soon as we got there -- Still cant believe the amazing light you have at that hour! Hope to do it again.. Thanks for sharing your evening and family with me!

Big hugs...
This might be one of my favorite pictures ever. what kid doesnt LOVE thomas the train? so cute.

do you see that little grin.. tell me HE isn't going to be trouble!!! hehe... ;) Love that giggle Mr. B!

how could we forget mom and dad-- how sweet is this... i love the little giggles and smiles between parents! especially when they dont think you're watching ;)

is this classic childhood or what! whats better then the swings - look at Mr. J's face - can you FEEL that in your tummy when you swing so high like that! I love that Mr. B is crackin' that grin at me too!! So sweet how mom and dad are watching the boys.. aww just so stinkin' cute!!!

Thanks again guys.. Love you all!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Little Ham....

Could you PINCH those cheeks!!!!!!!

Oh Ms. A was too cute today in the city... she was hysterical dancing away, putting her beads on and off, changing outfits, and crawling back and forth between the bench and the grass! Who needs toys when you can accessorize, right A!!! Thanks for making my job so easy! You have such an awesome mommy!!! Mom, we'll be in touch as soon as your proofs are up!

Thanks for the giggles.. Keep happy little one...