Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pay it Forward

Alright guys.. it's been one of those days where I can't get out of my own way! No real reason, just can't get my act together!

I was lucky enough to catch up with one of my favorite college friends tonight online. You know what I think rocks!!?!? Well, first let me say a few things - I love to meet new people and I love to make new friends. I truly believe there is a purpose for all of us and there is a reason we've crossed paths at certain points in our lives. You know what I love the most about some of the most amazing friendships I've ever had? They just seem to pick up where they left off. There have been so many amazing people and friendships in my life that I am FOREVER grateful for. Not a day goes by that I'm not thankful for all of them. It does make me sad to realize that some of them have slipped away - some of them have changed by default - but some of them can adapt to that change as if no time has passed at all. I think the type of friendship that you don't have to see each other everyday to maintain your friendship is a very special one. I hate that life gets in the way sometimes and catching up seems to be harder and harder to do with everyone so busy -- but I love when there comes a time when things workout and you DO get to catch up - and it's as if nothing ever changed. I'm grateful for those moments - and I love all of you from every journey of my life! The best part was - she even told me how much she checks in on my blog! So yes, Butterfly, I know you're reading this! Thanks for catchin up and letting me ramble on for a while! I can't wait to see you guys next weekend - it's going to be rockin'!

Got anyone you want to catch up with? Go do it - you'll be so glad you did! :)

Anyways - back to the day -- I swear I am A.D.D. today - I can't stay on task!!!!!....

I had to return to the apple store AGAIN to get this silly DVD drive working again - they said it should be all set, we'll see though! The Genius bar wait time is never right - which is fine because people need their problems addressed, but I was pumped to have the second slot of the day - at least I wouldn't be THAT far behind. So I spent a good 20 minutes playing with the iphone. That thing is so cool - I love it! As much as I would love to have it - there are plenty other things I could spend $400 on like, a camera bag, lens, business paperwork, not to mention I don't have at&t :) But it is a pretty cool thing don't ya think! (see!! A.D.D. I tell you!!) Carry on.......... Today was the 4th time I had been there in 5 days... I was annoyed and frustrated. I try to be patient in their because I know they have people there all the time with 100 questions on top of the fact that their customers are already angry because if they are there and that means something is broken. Thank Goodness I got a really nice 'Genius' who helped me and did a great job - I even told his manager about it on the way out!

It got me thinking after we left the store. If someone does something that makes you upset - say when you're out to eat, or in a store, - you get mad and want to talk to a manager right? (well, I don't because I'm what some people call a chicken and never rock the boat!) but I know some of you (and i just might live with one of them!) want to have things taken care of the right way when they don't go as planned. That's all fine and good, and sometimes it is warranted for sure - but how often do you stop and tell someone they are doing a good job!? How often do you stop the manager of a store to tell them their employee was very helpful and really made your day? Yes, I know, its their job, but we all have jobs - and doesn't it feel nice when someone goes out of their way to recognize that you are doing a good job at what you're there to do? I think so. I know it makes me feel good when people tell me they like my work, or they are happy with something I've done for them.

So I challenge you - then next time you have a GOOD experience somewhere, be grateful that you had some good energy around you and pass along that happiness. Tell someone's boss, someone's manager, someone's coworker that you think they did a great job. If it's not incentive enough just because it would be a kind thing to do - remember Karama?

It'll getcha!!!!

Share your stories -Share your happiness - Pay it forward...

Now go watch that movie if you haven't already. random I know.


And leave us some lovin' comments huh!!!! We had 'em all the time on but no such luck on the sweetwhispers?! so sad.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Warning!!! Cutness Below!!!

*EDIT* see below..

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

How stinkin cute is this face! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Molly and her mom and dad this evening at Castle Island in Boston. I love that place - it's always got such great afternoon light and so many options! A great location coupled with a beautiful family and one cutie pie makes for a great night for me!! As soon as I saw this little munchkin's face I knew we were going to have a fun. Ms. Molly learned a new trick last week -how to stick her tounge out! She did a great job of showing us the entire session so this was a glimpse when she wasn't doing her trick!! I had a hard time picking which one to share because I love so many of them! Something about this little smile that just got me on this one! She's got beautiful blue eyes like her daddy and an adorable smile like her mommy! You guys better put some locks on the doors now, you're going to be in trouble!!

I can't wait for you guys to see the rest of them-- Thanks for being so awesome - I hope you guys had fun! We'll be in touch soon I promise!

Keri :)

I reposted this image - the colors weren't right on the first one!! This should be better!! :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Season's Greeting!

Can you believe we are talking about holiday cards - It's not even October yet! I know, I know, but really - if you are sending out holiday cards you really don't have much time! So, because I love you all so much, I'm offering a quick session designed for your holiday cards! See the card below for details.

I am only accepting the first 10 families to sign-up so if you know you want it, buzz me!!

Can't wait to see you all...

oh and just so you know, theres 89 days until christmas. :)
(click on the image to make it bigger!)


Monday, September 24, 2007


Jack threw my phone in the tub!

Yep thats right - just as Jackson was about to take a bath he gave a quick toss to my cell phone and into the bubbles it went! I thought it was totall fried since the screen was all wacked out. The next day the screen returned to normal and I thought I was all good - until it just shuts off.

So if you've been trying to catch me and it goes to voicemail - thats why. My phone turns on, but then it decides to turn off whenever it feels like it - even midconversation. sorry!

Sooooo I should be getting a new phone this week - thanks to my fantastic, amazing, wonderful husband!!! In the mean time - leave a message or shoot me an email and I'll get back to you when I get it!

Pictures to come soon... and a new post :)


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Family Lovin'

A few days ago we got up, made a big breakfast and just hungout in our jammies as a family! I love mornings like that. No emails, no phone calls, no 'to-do' lists, no rushing out the door. just hanging out, the three of us, as a family.

We were reading books in jacksons room together on the floor. His room gets such awesome light I had to grab the camera for a few quick shots!

We are at the stage that Jackson knows EXACTLY what he wants but just can't verbalize it as well as he wants to.. so we get the 'point and grunt' instead! He understands SO much and is starting to even be a little sneaky ;) little booger....

Anyways- after reading with Rick on the floor he went over to his dresser - looked up and on his tippy toppy tip toes he pointed and grunted to the picture of him and Grams! We don't get to see Grams and Grandpa Pete as much as we think about them since they are in Florida but we do love to talk about them and call on the phone. Jackson was just too cute looking at these pictures of Grams giving the picture frame kisses and everything - we had to share them so Grams and Grandpa Pete could see just how much Jackson loves and miss you!!!!

Can't wait to see you soon!!

We love you....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

i knew it was coming...

...I just didnt know when.

Well we made it 15 months and 18 days before the first big boo-boo.

We spent the day at Mi-Mi's (jackson has changed Grammy to Mi-Mi!) because they were testing the fire alarms in our building from 9am until 4pm every 10 minutes. Thats right, every 10 MINUTES. So by 9:20am we decided it would be best to bring both the dog and the baby out for the whole day! I had to do a few things in Manchester anyways so we headed out. Jackson and Rick spent the day playing outside enjoying the nice crisp weather - they walked to the park, played soccer, played catch, climbed around at the playground - you know, the favorite stuff of a dad and his son! I was doing a lot of work most of the day until Jackson woke up for him nap this afternoon. We all headed back outside until Dinner was ready. After getting through dinner we decided to go back outside to play. I was going to return a few emails, Jackson, Mi-Mi-, Uncle Steven, and Rick all headed out to the backyard to play. I opened my computer and no sooner did I hear this HEARTWRENCHING cry. I knew it before he even came in. It was a different cry then i have heard before. The saddest cry, like he's was saying 'what just happened to me and don't ever let it happen again!' Rick carried him in with Mi-Mi just behind and he just about leaped into my arms. I looked down and saw the saddest little face I've ever seen. He was trying to keep up (and after being outside all day was exhausted I'm sure!) and while he wasn't paying attention he tripped on the grass and hit his face on the side of a little metal table. Yep, thats right, smack in the face the poor thing. He instantly had a black and blue eye and two cuts across his face. I don't know who was more sad, Me (and Rick) or Jackson! Mi-Mi felt horrible, Rick felt horrible, Jackson was so confused on what just happened! But, that's what happens as you're discovering the world. It wasn't anyones fault, they were all right there with him, he just happened to fall just the right way and bumped his face just right. I can't say I've ever felt my heart break in 100 pieces all at one time, until tonight. Oh how I just wanted to take that pain away from him. It wasn't even that big of a deal either - it was just a bump! Imagine later in his life (which I'm sure will happen!!) when he needs stiches or something! Oh man, that is just too much for a mommy's heart! Luckily he's a tough little booger and he bounced right back! We tried to put the ice packs on - and anyone with a toddler knows that DEFINITELY isn't going to happen!!!!! We just let him chew on some frozen teething toys - because to boot he is getting his one-year molars!!!!!!! About 5 minutes later he was running back to the door to go back out! So out he went and life goes on. But man, I sure wasn't prepared for that. When I heard that scream I KNEW something was wrong; I just didn't know how bad it was going to be. Thankfully it was just a little boo-boo. According to Mi-Mi- I used to fall and hit that same eye growing up on everything -- maybe I passed on that trait to him!?! Poor kid.

Anyways - despite the boo-boo we still had some fun before bedtime tonight. We skipped the tubby and just played a little extra toys!

Enjoy :)

p.s. we've been trying to share the camera a bit more as I have noticed that I hardly have any pictures of Jackson and Mommy!!! So you will also see images that are © 'photography by rick' -- thats my amazing husbands work!

Bless his heart!!!!!

reading books with daddy

Jackson found my new prop for newborn sessions.. I love this little wagon. He's a bit too big dontcha think?! :)

"No mama! I'm a big boy!!!"

Check out that SHINNER! Ouch, thats going to hurt tomorrow....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Family Day!

Things have been so crazy lately we decided to make today a family day -no work! It's been overwhelming lately trying to do too many things so we definitely needed to make a day to just play together. Jackson, Rick and I headed out for a long morning walk and then some fun at the park. Stay tuned for some pictures - Little bear was pretty funny running around and playing with the ball, going up an down the slide, and climbing on he structure! Tonight we get to go out to dinner to celebrate Rick's birthday at The Beverly Depot (which was monday) --- as adults! It's been a long time since we've had an adult dinner - I'm not sure we'll know what to do with ourselves without food being thrown or the dog begging at our feet!

Forgot to post earlier in the week too --we had a great time at the Red Sox game in Boston with Stef and Chris on Monday to celebrate Rick's birthday!! I didnt have my camera with me because I met them in the city straight from my convention with David Jay, bummer!!!! It was awesome to get out and do something fun together - we haven't seen them in a while so it was great to catch up! Can't wait to see you guys soon!! (too bad the game wasn't as great as the next night!!)

More posts to come later, just a quick update!


Thursday, September 13, 2007

6 months already!!

Can you believe it! I met this little munchkin when she was just 4 months old and I had the pleasure of going back today to see her at 6 months! She is growing up so fast I can't believe it!! That little face is just as cute as when I saw her last! There were so many cute ones, but this one just cracked me up so I had to post it!

This is not any sort of plug for myself but just something to think about.. If you have a photographer that works well with your child(ren) USE THEM AGAIN! Think about it, as soon as your kids are comfortable with one person if you go ahead and change people they have to get comfortable with someone all over again. Aren't you more comfortable with someone you've met before!? I know I am.. so if you've used someone for your family or child(ren) portraits - use them again, you're more likely to get great pictures and keep your family comfortable :) I'm so happy that this little munchkins parents were so happy with our first session that they asked me to come back!

Watching these kids grow up is one of my favorite parts of my job!! :) Anyways - this little one was awesome - thank again guys!

Can't wait to show mom and dad the rest! We'll be in touch guys!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A glimpse to our little bear

...just a little slideshow of our daily giggles with our little bear...


I *heart* David Jay

Who is David Jay you ask? An amazing person, mentor, friend, photographer. Probably in that order. Do I know him personally, no. Well, if you consider reading up about him and his work and all he does for other people, getting to know someone - then yes, I know him quite well, but I had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person yesterday at a convention he spoke at.

Blown away. Really.

I know his work and I know what he stands for, but hearing him speak was like a breath of fresh air. I think what I love most about his style is that he is honest. Genuine. Sincere. He listens to you and wants to know what you're doing, how he can help you, what can make things better.

He spoke about important things in the photography industry, how he does things, how he thinks things should be done etc. I think one of the most important things that stuck with me was about putting yourself out there. About letting people get to know you and get to see who you are as a person and not just that you like to take pretty pictures. David believes your website should be about YOU and not your portfolio. Anyone can put pictures up, but nobody else is like you. I love that - I love how important that point is. To all of my future clients, I want them to get to know me, to relate to me, to see me as me to be comfortable. To all my past clients, I want them to come back and feel at home as if we were just chatting the day before. I love relationships - I love meeting people - I love being so blessed as to have this chance to share in people’s memories. If I am going to be sharing in some of the most intimate parts of people’s lives, I feel I owe them the openness I expect from them to give them the pictures they want. Makes sense, right?

Sooooo having said that there are going to be some changes around here :) I decide to make this blog a combination of personal and business. I decide to make this a place that people can share both parts of my life. I want to post about things that are happening in my life, our family, and our friends. The important parts of this journey. I also want to intertwine the blessings I have by sharing in other people’s memories. So I decide its best to combine these two blogs (our personal blog and sweet whispers.) what do you think? I think this could be very fun!

So, there will be some changes as I mentioned, there will hopefully be at least one post a day - even if its simple - I really want to keep up to date with our life and my work. Its hard, but I’m sure I can find 5 minutes everyday, right?! :)

Well I could keep posting forever about the talk from DJ but in general he has motivated me enough to make some changes personally and professionally -so look out! :)

Thank you to all of you who have allowed me to share in your blessings - I feel so blessed to be given the chance to capture memories and preserve them for all of you. Its much more then just 'capturing a picture!'

Here’s to a new adventure!!!!

Yet another person I want to be when I grow up -- David Jay!!!


If you want to learn more about DJ check out his website: I promise you'll be blown away too!
David Jay

Saturday, September 8, 2007

from the wedding

i finally had a few minutes to put together the slideshow from Sheri and Susan's wedding...

here is a peak at how awesome their day was... thanks for sharing it with us!

k and j

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yay Seniors!! :)

Another Senior session this evening! Ms. B was awesome! She was so easy going and took direction so well.. I am really starting to like these session with the clients that listen :) hehe...We lucked out with a beautiful lighting and an awesome sunset! Not only that but we had two rockin' locations!!!! I can't wait to bring people back to the Castle!

I couldn't decide which picture to post because I have so many that are so great so I just closed my eye and picked this one! I can't wait to show you the rest -- we'll be in touch soon!

thanks again,