Wednesday, November 28, 2007


somebody didn't want to get his Christmas picture taken!!!

OH the horror!!!!

I've had so many holiday sessions lately - its been so much fun! I'm sure I will end up back blogging but the next week and a half is straight out so bear with me!

it was just too cute not to post! i had to share it! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

**insert Charlie Brown singing**

Ohhhhhh its my FAVORITE time of the year - thats right- Christmas time! I LOVE this time of year - I don't know why really - maybe because something about it just feels... magical? The only thing i don't like about it how RUDE people get. Sometimes you can find a glimpse of the kindness and giving that this season is truly about - but more often then not, you run into people who are in a hurry, to busy to listen, look or pay attention. A sweet friend of mine Andrea just did the most amazing thing - You can read about it on her blog but something similar (okay not really but almost!) happened to me a few days ago...

I stopped at Panera to get a coffee. There was a BIG line but i figured, hey its okay i'll wait. The place was packed people couldnt move - you would have thought it was the last meal they were ever going to serve. But I waited anyway. While in line -given that i was standing by the door - i held the door for everyone who came in or was going out. No big deal right? wouldn't anyone do that? apparently not - as soon as the line moved up - i didnt see a single person behind me open or even hold the door for a stranger. so sad. so then i was finally up to the front and the manager jumped in - 'Can I help you?' she asked. "I'd just like a medium coffee to go please" - she was so funny! Her response was "You waited in that big long line JUST for a coffee to go?! -- You're all set - no charge -have a great day!" I was so grateful and must have said thank you 100 times. Maybe she was just having a good day - maybe she was just trying to do a good job at what she does - or maybe she just wanted to speed the line up!? :) Whatever it was, it made me smile - it made me want to go do something nice! well as luck would have it - an elderly woman was trying to figure out the coffee station - I asked her if she needed some help and I poured her cream and coffee for her - she was so sweet and so grateful . It's such a nice feeling to GIVE - isn't it?! I only gave her 2 mintues of my time, but i know she had been standing there for 10 minutes before I stepped up - had nobody seen her? did nobody want to help her? so sad. Just as she was about to leave, I put a few dashes of cinnamon in my coffee - she shreiked "You put PEPPER in your COFFEE!????" haha.. we both had a giggle when i told her what it was - she was just a sweetheart. Well the day up until those 15 minutes in Panera was chaos - running from one place to another until I was forced to slow down and REALLY look around. It made me so sad to see just how many strangers walked by situations where they could help. If you could help a stranger would you? do you? do you notice people who need help? Generally, I really try to pay attention to strangers around me - especially lately, after all this is the season of giving, right!?

Whoa, tangent. :)

Back to the blog - At any rate - its the holiday season and I'm so excited. I LOVE the smell of our christmas tree and wreath on our door. Theres nothing like it :) Second to that is a funny little boy named Jackson walking around the house saying "Ho, Ho, Ho...." hahaha... its going to be a fun christmas!

Here are a few shots from picking out our tree this evening -- I can't believe he is big enough to pick out our tree this year!! Last year he was perched like a bird on our shoulders :) hehe.. wow time flies.

Happy Holiday season -and when you're out there at crazy hours shopping or trying to find a parking spot -- try to remember what this is really about anyways!

Daddy and Jackson

Have to wear the Santa Hat!

Look at that little face! Dirty Dirty but still so cute!

Checking things out...

"Hmm... is THAT the one?!'


Hugs for Mommy!

"I bet they can't see me over HERE!"

"Let me check things out down here.."

"Hmm this feels about the right height!"

"Hey Mom and Dad, I found our tree!!!" (No Joke! Thats the one we bought!!)

one more lap around just to be sure....

Thanks for stopping by!

Holiday Blessings to you......


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Today I am Thankful for...


On this thanksgiving i have so many amazing things to be thankful for. I could list many many things but i'll keep it to a few...

1. my amazing wonderful husband - without your love and support i wouldn't be half of where i am/who i am today. Every day I am thankful I get to spend my life with my best friend!
2. my beautiful unbelievable son - you are the light of my life and i am so proud to be your mommy - thank you for choosing me!
3. my fantastic family who has helped me become who i am and has given me love, strength and guidance always.
4. my very special true friends - you know who you are and i know how grateful i am for you - thank you for always being there and for all the awesome memories we've created!
5. my health, the health of our family and all of our friends.
6. my faith - without my faith i wouldnt be anywhere!
7. my amazing photography teachers and friends - without you i know i wouldn't be following my dream - you have given me more then i could have ever dreamed of - i will always be grateful for your open hearts and precious friendships.
8. and last but not least, my awesome clients who have been so good to me this year. I cannot thank you enough for sharing special moments in your life with me - I am honored t be a part of each and every one of your families. I am so blessed to have met you all!

I have so many amazing things to be grateful for but if I wrote them all here we'd be here for days - so I kept it simple :)

We spent the day with our entire family - everyone - together! We are so blessed to have so many people in our family to celebrate with. Thank you all for being there - everything was wonderful and it was so much fun to all be together! Between 'strawberries' on the cheesecake and 'antioxident' drinks - we had a day full of laughter .... and what more can you ask for?

We love you all... here are some favorites....

CLICK HERE for the slideshow of the day... (***NOTE*** I put them all up so i KNOW there are a lot of Jackson but I just kept them all together -- Don't say I didnt warn ya!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


this was passed on to me as a forward and i thought it was pretty funny! haha..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A good morning smile...

just a few from one of my favorite times the day.. good morning!!

i could just eat him up!!!

My lovebug..


You're SO funny mom and dad!!!

and of course - every morning the same thing -- the sign for drink!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Medical Building?

Yep! That's right! Who would have thought, right?! Well, this ever so cute family had the great idea of going to a medical office building where Dad works. As soon as we walked in, I knew just how much fun it was going to be! What is better then looking out over Boston through a hallway of windows - and the best part was it was sunset so the reflection of the sun was coming into the hallway from all the windows on the surrounding buildings! yep that made one happy photographer :)

Anyways - back to this scrumpcious cutie pie. Jackson may just have a future wife ladies and gentlemen! She is a pretty one! As if it wasn't good enough that she was so cute and so well behaved, but mom and dad were the sweetest little southern things I've ever met! I love when I get to meet new people and there is just something about that southern accent that makes me feel like we're already friends! haha :)

I should have known the first time I spoke with mom that it was going to be so much fun! I'm just glad after changing our minds so many times we ended up with the best location!

Here's your sneak peak guys - Thanks for letting me share in some of your family memories- I had a great time and I hope you did too!


Can you stand it!

Nothing like your little one running at you with arms wide open :)

Now check out these shoes. Cute right? cute is only half of it - they SQUEEK too! Thats right, every time this peanut walked there was a little squeek from her shoes!! It was awesome!!! If only I could get Jackson a pair - then I'd always know what Denis the Menace was up to!!!


And just before heading out - bundled up for the cold weather!

We'll be in touch soon guys!!

Go Bucks!

Rick and Jackson watched the big game together! All ready in in the jersey's and everything! (even M&M's all over the face to celebrate the win!) Yay!!!!! (You should have heard him - everytime Rick would yell at the t.v. Jackson was right there yelling too! It was a riot -- He even started yelling "Bbbbbbbbbb....' for Beanie - one of the players names! haha...


And even a little time for books :) (thats my boy!!!!!)

After that and it was time for clean up before bedtime Jackson decided it was time to put on his brand new winter boots we got on Friday. Check out this new style! Lookout ladies... he's got some serious fashion sense!

**I wish you could hear the giggle with this picture!!

awww... nice kisses for the crayola markers -- he's a great staller before bed!!

thats all for now..

back to the grind tomorrow...


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Look out Ladies!

Ohhhh boy look out for this one! He is one handsome little man, isn't he!! He is my good friend Heather's son and don't you just want to take him home! When I tell you I wanted to move into her house as soon as I saw the light, I'm not kidding! Ohhh it was beautiful!

My little buddy T was awesome- he was crackin' that smile and reading books with me - he was too cute! You would have thought he was as model with the looks he was flashing me - those eyes are killer!!! And if you could hear that giggle... it melts your heart! He's just a few months older than Jackson and we have a playdate coming up soon so they can finally get together! The last time they got together Jackson was a tiny little baby!!

Thanks so much for letting me share in a few of your family memories! I'm sorry it took a little longer then I had hoped to get your sneak peak up- but I promise it won't be long before you see the rest of them :) Can't wait to get together soon... We're coming over!!!!

Hugs and kisses...


Friday, November 16, 2007

The Little Man at The Little Gym :)

I can't believe how long its been since I've picked the camera up for my own little bear! I feel like the camera hasn't left my hands lately but (I am so embarrassed to say!) I haven't taken any recent pictures of Jackson in the last week or so!!! Can you believe that? I was so sad when I realized it last night. Soooo of course I needed to make up for that today... and boy did we ever!

Friday is our class at The Little Gym and it definitely is one of Jackson's favorite places to go. He runs around their like a MAD MAN and has the time of his life for 45 minutes. If you have little ones and want a fun class for them to make friends and learn some great skills check it out - Its a great program. Today was Jackson's lucky day too - He was picked to demonstrate the skill today -- Wait till you see those pictures tomorrow!

I had to post one but stay tuned for the other 38 tomorrow!! :)

Isn't that face just the cutest!!!!! Look how proud he is of himself! haha....

We love you Jackson David!

Mom and Dad.