Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Think someone was a bit excited over this whole 'trick-or-treat' thing!?

Jackson was hysterical! He walked right up to all the doors in our building and knocked (with two hands!!) on the door and waited patiently until someone came. When they opened the door they got a big 'ol Jackson smile and who could resist that face! So two hands into the candy basket and then off and running... oh and a half way sign of 'thank you' as he walked away too!

oh my little bear is growing up too fast!

what a funny little guy!!

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!!

This was the first door we went to - our neighbors to the right - sweet elderly couple. Check out his face when he scores two pieces of candy!!!!! haha....

p.s. and yes, that is a sand bucket- hey we still have some left from his birthday party, alright!!! :)


i love my job

Got a note from a mom today that made me smile.

This is what it said:

"Thanks Keri. You have brought me such joy with your camera lens. I can't thank you enough. Our family dynamic is beginning to change and these photos are so special."

That makes it all worth it.

I love my job and I'm so so so grateful that I get to share in such special memories of so many wonderful families. Not a day goes by that I don't feel blessed to wake up everyday and give these gifts to people. As a mom I know what pictures of your family mean. As a photographer I know how you will appreciate these prints for years to come.

Thank YOU for taking the time to tell me how much it means to you. Sometimes it's just nice to hear that people love what you do.

Go tell someone that you appreciate how much they mean in your life.

You'll thank me later.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

so far behind..

I am so far behind, I know. BUT I'm slowly digging out from this pile of work! I haven't even had the chance to post some of the sessions I've done so please dont be mad if I haven't got your images on the blog yet - I promise I will but it might be a little while longer! So just hang tight :)

In the mean time.. I have to share with you the two sweet pea's I got to share my morning with -- these two munchkins were just too cute! I couldn't get over how little they were and hysterical it was to watch them play together! It also made me realize just how grateful I am to only have one right now! Erin - I have NO idea how you guys do it!! But you're definitely doing something right with two beautiful little girls! I can't wait to get your images to you - Until then, here's your sneak peak!!

Thanks for sharing your family with me - I hope you had as much fun as I did!


okay seriously can you even stand this! They are butterflies for halloween and we had to put them in their costumes for at least a few shots! Although these were 'outakes' i had to do something with them so I thought i'd share them here.. they just cracked me up when I saw them!!

But seriously - how stinkin cute are these two!!!! **I'm not going to even try to pretend - I couldn't tell these two apart all day! I don't know how you guys keep them straight!!!! hehe...

We'll be in touch guys!!! xoxo

Monday, October 22, 2007

image overload!

Warning - Image overload below!

We are so excited Uncle Randy is visiting us for the next week and a half! We have been a little busy since he arrived on Friday and have a lot more stuff we'd like to do while he's here! Jackson is especially happy to play with Uncle Randy. Yesterday morning we heard Jackson on the monitor talking away - then he got quiet. really quiet. sometimes he goes back to sleep (rarely!) so we thought he might have gone back to sleep - as I looked at the monitor (yes we have the video monitor which ROCKS and every parent should have it!) I noticed he wasn't in there!! I said to Rick, Jackson wasn't in his crib, not even THINKING that Uncle Randy might have got him up. We both JUMPED out of bed and went to open Jackson's door. As we got to the hallway we saw two little piggies standing at the couch. As we looked closer we saw favorite Uncle Randy snuggled up with Jackson and a BRIGHT YELLOW BAG. thats right the BRIGHT YELLOW GERBER GRADUATE FRUIT SNACK BAG!!!! (we call these chewys in our house!) Jackson gave us this ear to ear grin as if he was saying 'check this out guys - Uncle Randy is giving me CHEWYS before breakfast!!!'.. we totally busted them! Jackson jumped down and ran across the room with excitement - we all cracked up laughing. It was so funny - but WAY too early for pictures so you don't get any from this story. :) I hadn't even had my coffee yet!

So we headed to a different farm today (I still have a lot of images from the farm we went to last week when i took the image below) but we headed to brooksby farm where I have a session with our wonderful friends and their kiddos. We got there early enough and played around for a while and snapped some shots with Uncle Randy. Uncle Randy came to visit last year when Jackson was just 3.5 months old you can see here...

and now look at them!!!!

My favorite part about this image is that you can see his little shadow behind him. I love to play with shadows in images - i love that its just peaking through! Swinging 1-2-3- with Daddy and Uncle Randy!

Can't go anywhere without a ball - luckily we found this football in the parking lot!



and MORE pumpkins!!! (can you believe we forgot to buy some!!)

This is my favorite!!

That was all fun and good but earlier in the day we had quite a tramatic event! Jackson needed a haircut. We decided we'd try out 'Snip-it's" -- you know the kids haircutting place? Well seeing as last time he screamed his bloody face off we decided hey, MAYBE he will like the the colors and toys................ I'll let you be the judge by the first picture what the outcome was like this time... (rick and i both took some of these - not sure who took what!)

**Notice: TWO lolipops which he has never had a single lolipop in his life! I was also holding Chewys and we had other snacks and drinks with us too...Why is it that I am wearing the cape and jackson isn't wearing anything? haha!

the little kids snip-it's tv show was on too!! but still.. no dice.

He decided as soon as he was done 'I'm SO out of here.'

But then then dad gave him a NEW lolipop - seeing as the two he had before were now covered with hair! eeewww! he didn't even realize the paper was still on... hehe...

okay so maybe he got two new ones. he was crying his eyes out!

sad or not couldn't you just eat him up!!!

finally - the END. all smiles of course - lolipop in hand and the trama was over! haha...

Hope that caught ya up on the happenings around the household lately... there should be more to come over the next few weeks...

Thanks for checking in...


Sunday, October 21, 2007

melts my heart..

again. i know i said it a few days ago, but again, the kid melts my heart.

...don't even have words for this shot. as soon as i took it it melted my heart. i knew it as i pushed the shutter.

it's as if he was saying 'i'm on my way mom. i'm growing up.'

still makes me cry looking at it. he's getting too big.. where does the time go? wasn't he just born?

oh man, i don't know if i'm ready for this growing up stuff...

off to give my little boy goodnight kisses... he is so a little boy.


*sappy mommy :)

Recent sessions - Sneak Peaks!

Whoa its been a busy few days! So exciting but so busy! :)

I have been so blessed lately and have been playing the most amazing families! Our friends Jen and Brian along with big brother Will welcomed their new baby boy last week and Jen was sweet enough to ask me to come do a newborn session with Mr. Jake! I forgot how teeny tiny they are! All 6 lbs of him!! He was so good and just so stinkin' cute! Jen, I can't wait to show you guys the rest, but check out the sneak peak below! He was such a cutie! Thanks for asking me again - I had so much fun!

I also go to take a great family photo for our friends Jill and Darren. It's a surprise gift for their in-laws of the family and then of all the grandchildren! Sweet idea right :) We thought it was going to get rained out but thankful mother nature cooperated and gave us some yummy light! they were just too cute - check out the cousins below! Jill, I'll get you the two images asap, I promise! Can't wait for our halloween party on Wednesday!!

And then there was tonight. I spent the evening with the best, most fun, i-want-to-take-home-with-me-for-dinner, adorable family. These guys were a blast and were up for anything! We started at the beach and then headed to the beautiful castle up the road. The two little munchkins were so respectful, did whatever I asked, and even engaged me in conversation! We got to see a few deer running by as well - it was so cool! Thank you guys for making this evening so much fun - Sorry about the 5 mile hike but I promise it will be worth it! :) I can't wait to get these pictures ready for you - we will be in touch so soon! Oh and Mr. T - I'll definitely raincheck the dinner invitiation and we'll have to have a playdate! Thanks for being so awesome guys!! Here's a preview for you ....

So theres lots to come in the next few weeks - stay tuned as things are getting busier with the holiday season appraoching. I will be posting some holiday special information coming up in the next couple of weeks so be sure to check back for that as well..

Until next time.. lots of hugs and smiles to all of you..


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tis' the Season!

Yep that's right.. Holiday Season is just around the corner...

Here is a little reminder that the holiday cards I will be offering will be displayed here on the blog within the next week or so... so STAY TUNED!

Clients - You will be able to use any images you purchased from your session(s) over the last year... AND there's a secret just for you that's coming too!

Hope this evening finds you well...

Monday, October 15, 2007

another from yesterday

this ones for you mom! i know how excited you were to see it so i HAD to post it for you!

and this might be one of my favorites too!

we'll be in touch!

can't wait to show you the rest :)


A little help from my friends...

Great song - even better friends.

A few months ago my best girlfriends from high school all decided that we should have a get together - some of them I still talk to on a daily bases, some of them I haven't seen in almost 10 years! (scary that thats how much time has passed!!) anyways - we had the best time catching up - we laughed so much - had some good food and good wine and spoke of how we need to do this more often!

A few weeks ago I decided we had already let 2 months pass again and that meant it was definitely time to have another get together. After all, we said we needed to get together more often, right!? So I started the daily emails about when/where to get together. (I'm sure the girls LOVED seeing ANOTHER message from me in their inboxes everyday! ha!) We finally picked a date and a place only to find out -they didnt have any room. Bre graciously offered her place again (THANKS BRE!) so we ended up there. The nicest part being in someones house is that you aren't rushed nor are you at opposite ends of the table trying to talk to people! We all just hungout - had some good food and got to talk together. Unfortunately the big group we thought it was going to be was windled down to just four of us but don't worry, the others will be back next month :) it ended up just being a crazier weekend then some people thought! No worries girls - you're signed up for next time!

Anyways - Bre, Heather, Stef and I had some great Thai food (which I loved by the way - and it was my first time eating it!!! I know, sheltered life!) Maybe next time I'll actually figure out the chopstix??? :) We shared yummy wine and then Heather was sweet enough to stop in the North End and pick up some pastries... Like my butt needed that, BUT it was a girls night so who cares! :)

We spent the night catching each other up and talking about old times - and what would old times be without breaking out the ol' yearbook! I can't believe how long its been - I can't believe how much has changed. I guess thats what happens when we grow up? Oh the stories....

We also decided we should pick a date for the next 6 months now so we'll be able to plan ahead - so stay tuned as I'm sure there will be more parties to post about! We also decided we'll be planning our reunion seeing as we haven't heard anything else about it just yet either - how fun! :)

Bre, Heather, Stef - thanks for such a fun night - I can't wait to do it again next time. Alycia, Kim, Kate, Ali, Jill, Colleen and anyone else who didn't make it this time - mark the calendar for next month...and the next 5 months after that!

Do you talk to your old friends? You know, the ones you went through SO much with? The ones who fought through the drama and heartache, belly laughs and tears, the ones who have seen you with your best hair days?! I encourage you to find 'em. call 'em. see what they're doing. You may be surprised just how close you might be. There is something special about childhood friendships don't ya think? i do and im thankful i found my girls again. :)

Love you girls - So happy that no matter how much time has passed we can just pick up where we left off!


Sunday, October 14, 2007


I'm a bit behind as things have been crazy for us (personally!) But I had a few minutes to catch my breath - I wanted to get a few sneak peaks up for you guys as I've been meaning to get them up for a few days now! I'll keep the writing short but stay tuned - I have more sneak peaks from today to post soon! It's always so hard to decide which images to post - I have to say, all of these that are posted below are all my favorites! heheh...

Thanks for checking in!.... (Sorry for the delay you guys!)

I was so honored to be a part of Kim and Dan'a wedding day. It was a beautiful Ocotober day and their families were just so sweet! I hope this gets you guys through - I can't wait to show you the rest! Thanks again for sharing your day with me. It was such an honor! - They have had a long standing joke with 'Big Red'.. when I pulled a pack of 'Big Red' gum out of my pocket I thought they both were just going to fall over!! hehe....

Yesterday I spent a few hours with Dee and Dustin! After the coolest proposal on the big screen at Fenway Park - they have started the planning for their big day. Dee and I went to college together and when she shared this exciting news with me I offered to capture a few fleeting moments before their big day! Check out a sneak peak from their engagement session. Thank you guys so much - Dustin, I hope it wans't TOO painful for you! :) I had so much fun - I can't wait to get you the rest as well!

Hugs to all of you..

K xoxo

Thursday, October 11, 2007

It's been a while...

since you've seen it - the beloved messy face!!! have you missed it!

Jackson is infamous for putting his messy hands all over his face and hair when he has dinner.. and although he does this often, he is quite good at waiting until its a very messy dinner - like spaghetti!

When i was nannying for mr. janssen he loved to watch CareBears. Carebears do this thing when they like something they say "Paws up for ...." Rick got janssen to do it all the time 'Paws up for macaroni and cheese! -- Paws up for playing outside!' you name it - he did it! Poor little jackson at only a few months old got suckered into it too - Now, at 16 months old - its one of his favorite thing to do! "Paws up for mommy! - Paws up for tubby!" we love to watch him do it because it cracks us up - The best part is after he does it - he usually claps as if he were saying 'how cool am i - did you see that!' haha.. too cute!

new pictures to come soon - I have a sneak peak coming for the newly weds Kim and Dana who so graciously let me share in their day! I promise it will be soon guys!

Hugs to you all..

K :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

I wish I could say that I spent the day with my family and enjoying my birthday since it's one of my favorite days of the year, but I instead I spent it back in the Apple Store trying to get this DVD burner working AGAIN. But (fingers crossed) it now works. So 10am-2pm with the "Geniuses" was a good way to spend they day because all is well with this little lady again.. But, most importantly - I did start my day with my two boys and two of the best cards ever! Thanks boys - I love you!! So I apologize if you were sweet enough to call or leave a message - I was in the apple store most of the day - and then at a business meeting until late this evening. I will call you this week - I promise!

Anyways.. Jackson sure did love that it was my birthday - just another excuse for cake!!! Check out the pictures from Mi-Mi's camera over the weekend'

**Note: I will be away from my desk until Wednesday morning - If you need me please call the cell phone. Otherwise, I'll get back to you as soon as I return!

THANK YOU 100 times over to all of my awesome, amazing, friends and family. I'm so blessed to have all of you in my life
(and you even remembered my special day!!!) I appreciate every single one!!!!

I love you all!!!

k xoxo

**Pictures from Mi-Mi's camera!

"Paw's up for Mommy's Birthday!!!"

"mmmmmmmm caaaakkkeeee"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Better late then never!

Okay so I've been slacking on this one for a few weeks now - but I promised Danielle I'd get it up - so here it is! Better late then never...hehe...

Danielle and Brian came to Boston for the weekend and we FINALLY had a chance to catch up! We couldn't believe it when we finally realized the last time we saw each other was our wedding!!!! That is just way way way too long so we have to seriously do better :)

We headed into Boston and played at Castle Island - Jackson wasn't having the stroller and just wanted to run everywhere so we were catching up as we were chasing Jack!

Anyways - We love and miss you guys -- So sorry it took so long to get this up but it's been a bit crazy! hehe..

Now book another flight and come up again :)

Hugs and Kisses..

K xoxo
p.s and dew - I'm NOT taking it down - you DON'T look terrible!!!! hehehe... xoxo

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My life back..

I love little surprise gifts. Not material gifts (although those are always fun! AND just an FYI there is officially 3 shopping days until my birthday -- HINT HINT!) and not surprises like -you had no idea surprise - (and fyi - i always have an idea!) but when you think something will be great but it turns out to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. :)

I was so excited to spend the day with the amazing Scott Kelby He brought his Photoshop Tour to Boston and I was blessed enough to go :) I won't go into lots of detail here but just wanted to say if you have the chance to spend the day with Scott Kelby - DO IT. He will give you the things you need to get your life back - That time is so precious to me - thats time with my family and my son, time behind the camera NOT the computer, and time to remember these moments that are passing so quickly! I knew it was going to be good- but I had no idea just HOW good :)

I am so thankful for all I learned today. I'm pretty sure my husband is even more thankful - He'll see my smiling face more! :)

Jake and I had a blast -Thanks for coming along kid!

I can't wait to get to work!!

just for fun -- this was one of my pictures that made me crack up but when i got frustrated with taking the red out and not losing the rest of the pictures i put it in the 'edit one day if i ever have time in my life' folder -- after today's seminar i broke it out and look what i ended up with :) -- not too bad eh? - thanks Scott!! you ROCK!


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Melts my heart...

I love this picture. It brought tears to my eyes as soon as I opened it on my computer. We had such a fun silly family night! I have some funny jackson dinner pictures coming as well but they will have to way until tomorrow.

The three of us sat down at the dinner table together with our dinner music on ready to talk about our day. Jackson apparently wanted to go first. This is how it went...

Mom: "Jackson, tell daddy what we did today - did we go to Mi-Mi's house?"
Jackson: "Mi-Mi-Mi-Mi"
Mom: "That's right we went to see Mi-Mi's in the car"
Jackson: "Car Car"
Mom: "What did we do at Mi-Mi's - did we see Winnie the Pooh and Owl?"
Jackson: (makes the most hysterical owl face!) "Who Who Who" (stay tuned for that picture!)
Daddy: "Did you see the duck's today?"
Jackson: "quack quack quack"
Daddy: "Did you play outside with the ball?"
Jackson: "ball - ball"
He was too busy signing for 'more drink' to keep talking! It was someone else's turn I guess :)

haha... it was hysterical! He is growing up so fast its scary! I can't believe he TOTALLY gets what we're saying. He helps clean up the toys - he will get something from across the room if you ask him to! The other day we were stacking blocks and the tiny block was missing - Rick asked - 'Jackson where is the little block?" wouldn't you know, he got down on his belly and climbed under the couch to pull it out!!!!!! Stinkin smarty pants that kid!

Anyways - so we had an entertaining 'chatty!' dinner and then just spent the rest of the night goofing around. We turned the ipod up pretty loud and danced all around the living room; jackson was so jealous when just Rick and I were dancing he would sprint across the room and lift his arms to be picked up to join us! Funny boy!!! So we did some dancing, we did some wrestling, we did some books we were having so much fun before we knew it it was time for bed! We even skipped the tubby tonight but its okay because he had a one this morning!

I just love nights like that - ya know, when its just you and your family - when you can just be silly and laugh and have fun - isn't that what its really about anyways?! don't forget to have fun every once and a while :)

I am just so grateful for my beautiful son and my amazing husband. Without all of his help I'd never be able to do everything around here - especially with work and Jackson! He is so supportive and understanding. He always does everything he can to make sure everything is taken care of. He is always the first person to help whenever I need it. On top of that, (as if I didnt love him enough for all of those reason and then 10000 more!) watching him with Jackson is something amazing. I always knew he'd be a great daddy but now that he IS a daddy he is far greater then I ever dreamed. Jackson is so blessed to have you as his role model - I am so thankful he gets to look up to such an unbelievable soul. So thanks babe! I am so proud of you and all that you do for us, our family, and our friends. Thanks for being my 'home.'

So yeah, I caught this picture just before Jackson headed off to snuggle with Rick before bedtime. I don't know what it is but it just melts my heart... my two boys!

Just wanted to share! Thanks for listening to the sappy, proud, mommy/wife-goggled girl!

Hugs to you all :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2007

one down one to go...

...sweet little lady is back ... thank goodness! i miss my little mac-ie- mac!

just waiting on the phone tomorrow -- Fed-Ex dropped off the old 'sign for delivery note' so its coming, soon.

pictures coming soon too - i PROMISE.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Technology hates me.

First my cell phone. (which is still broken - the new one should be here anyday!) and now, my computer. As I mentioned yesterday, I had been at the apple store WAY too many times in the last week. When I walked in this morning the manager (who is from my home town!) Just looked at me, laughed and said "OH NO! YOU'RE BACK AGAIN!?!I just laughed and made a B-line right for the GENIUS Bar where I was still greeted with smiles :) So sad to say that its definitely a hardware issue which means I had to leave my little baby for a few days. So with no cell phone (well half a cell phone that works when it feels like it!) and no computer - you would think I'd HAVE to spend my evening cleaning this discusting house right? wrong. :) I'm going to pour myself some wine and sit on our big ol' couch and RELAX.... something I think I forget how to do! But don't worry - I broke out the old dinosaur laptop that weighs 35 lbs. and barely gets online. I'm really trying to keep up with my blogging so there you have it!

Oh the little bear note - we had a rough day.. instead of the usual 8am wake up- he started his day at 530am????? Woke up crying his little eyes out - I went in to get him and tried to get him to snuggle with us at least until the sun came up but no such luck -- we were greeted with a hysterical game of peek-a-boo instead! So we got up - made a LOT of coffee and started the day :) Then at 10am the poor lttle man had to get his 16 month booster shots - ohhhhhhhhhh he was a mad boy! He sure is growing up fast - everyday he seems to be figuring out more and more about this world - i LOVE to watch him make discoveries! :)

Anyways - Just wanted to drop a quick note - I promise to be posting some pictures when my little baby returns.