Monday, August 27, 2007

Senior Session!!

It's that time again.. Back to School!!!!! Lucky for me I had a senior session and I have to say, a good lookin' kid sure made it easy! What a difference it was to have a subject who listens to what you ask! It's like a whole different world instead of chasing a toddler around trying to get them to do what you want.. haha...

Well Mr. S, I hope it wasn't too painful for you! You were awesome and such a good guy jumping around for me.. I will let you guys know as soon as they are ready. Congrats on the beginning of your Senior Year!!!!


**hm that looks a bit fuzzier on here then on my computer - hmm i'll check that out and repost...

Holy Cuteness!

Can you stand the cuteness!?!??! Oh my goodness this family was so much fun!! this little man had the best giggle and was just so interested in everything going on! He was such a trooper just playing with mom and dad while this crazy lady with a camera was following them around! The lighting was just perfect - it was a golden pink color which made this photographer SUPER happy!!! It was the light you wish for at every session ;)

Thank you guys so much -- and I'm so sorry again for all the confusion! haha... We'll be in touch - I promise to let you know as soon as your proofs are ready!!


It's no wonder why this little man is so cute! look at his mommy!!!

Is this not the cutest family ever! Check out the look on this little guys face-- priceless!! He was telling a big story!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

golden sunlight = one happy photographer!

do you love this light? do you love these faces!? these three little peanuts were too cute last night! We headed to the beach for an evening session and the golden sunlight spilled over the kids and I just couldn't get enough! It sure is going to be hard to pick which ones to show them! I promise I'll let you guys know as soon as they are ready!!

thanks for a great evening on the beach!


keri :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The 4 R's!!!!

Okay, FIRST I have to apologize, I know I've been promising one thing after another with the updates and face lifts and all that fun stuff, but low and behold, plan and simple... I just dont have the time yet! haha..It's a good thing really, but I do feel horrible for all you loyal people who check the blog and our family blog only to stare at the same posts!! I really hope to be better.. honest!

Enough about that... I HAD to most a little teaser for this Mom! These 4 little monkey's were just so polite, so cute,and so sweet to work with! I hope they had fun, by the amount of giggles I heard, I'm guessing I didn't torture them too bad!!

I"ll let you know as soon as the rest are ready Mom! Until then I hope this gets you through!

I have to admit... Again, I struggled! Do I post a picture I really like and surprise them with my favorite, or do I post my favorite first here!??! hmmm what do you think I did!?! ;)

Thanks again you 4 - you were awesome!


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

a little face lift is coming...

alright y'all.. its time

this blog needs a little face lift and I need to stop taking over jacksons blog with my photography stuff! ... maybe one day I'll combine them but for now.. lets use this as my own outlet - wanna? :)

big news...

Sunday I had the honor of shooting my first wedding!! It was an amazing day - beautiful weather, perfect blue sky, right on the ocean - dont you worry pictures are coming!

I also had the amazing change to do another newborn shoot -- with the cutest family ever! Yes you'll get pictures of them too! I am so back logged at the moment but know that it will all be coming!!

On a personal note- I have a strong belief that everything happens for a reason.. I have recently stumbled upon a few AMAZING photographers that are nothing but inspiring! I will be adding a list of them so I can share the wealth of information they have. Its so refreshing to have such open people in what can be such a cut-throat industry!

I think DJ summed it up best when he said, 'I don't know many people that are passionate about what they are doing and say - 'i'm so excited, i'm going to take a nap!' so think about it - if you're not doing what you love maybe you should stop and think about what kind of life you are living - after all we only get one in this world, right?!

happy shooting...