Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cutie Pies

Tell me you don't want to scoop these guys up and just tickle there little faces!!!

I love when I get the chance to see my clients (kids) grow and change. I photographed Mr. N when he was just a few days old last year.. now check him out!! what a little ham, I tell ya!



And don't be mistaken - his big sis is JUST as much of a ham... mention the world ice cream and this is the face you get!

but with such good looking parents how could you not have super cute kids!!!

loved hanging with you guys again - as always it was so much fun! I'm so sorry your sneak peak took so long - I promise to have your gallery up soon!

Big hugs,

***On a sidenote....... I say it all the time but if you work with a photographer that your kids come to know and like - stay with them! it makes for much more fun pictures and the kids tend to be much more comfortable since that photographer is 'familiar' :)

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