Friday, June 27, 2008


I love spending every single day with him. he is the light of my life. every single day is a new adventure and he is always fascinated by the smallest stuff... one of the small things that is my favorite is when he gets his jammies on and runs as fast as his little legs can go into our bedroom and climbs up on our bed saying 'shunggle mama, shunggle' - he takes his green lovey (frog) and chews on the tag as we get cozy under the covers and watch a few minutes of 'the goodnight show' on sprout tv. (pbs) the smell of his clean little body after his tubby, the sound of his little short breaths, the way he looks at you out of the corner of his eye to make sure you're still 'shunggling,' the way he giggles when you sneak a kiss, the way he lets you hold him, rub his back or his legs gently and fights to stay awake because it always puts him to sleep, and of course, the smile on his face when you ask if he wants a piggie back ride into his room! those are the little moments- the moments that happen all within 2 minutes. the moments i dont ever want to forget. the moments that make my grateful for being his mommy.

these pictures are so far from perfect but they are exactly perfect for my heart. his little face with his lovey (tag and all!) and of course a self portrait of us together..

i love you jackson david. thank you for being such an amazing soul...


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